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Should You Really Be Afraid of Robots Taking Over Your Job?

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about the threat robots pose to human employment. People seem to forget that robots are just an advanced form of technology. While the robotics industry is growing exponentially, how are they different from any other "disruptive" technology that has been developed in the past? In general, our society has a positive outlook on advances in modern technology. The internet, smartphones, tablets, wearable technology, and a long list of others have undoubtedly helped humans push forward with new ideas and innovation, and have been welcomed with open arms by consumers all over the world. So, why should robots be viewed any differently? It's true that many robots can outperform humans when it comes to completing simple, repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently. Robots perform such tasks better than we do because they don't require breaks, mental stimulation, or motivation. Collaborative robots are just automated tools that humans can use to increase overall productivity. They pose no real threat to human workers, who can still beat them in other important areas that require analytical thinking, decision making, and team work. While robots are designed to increase output and cut costs, they also provide a lot of benefits to human employees. Robots are only a real threat to those jobs which humans often find undesirable and turn down. For more information on robotics, contact JHL Engineering