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Injection Moulding

JHL  is pleased to introduce the Ferromatik Milacron moulding machine. Ferromatik Milacron design and build Injection moulding machines for numerous  and various applications to include hight speed packing, medical devices, thin wall products and plastics engineered parts. Also Ferromatik Milacron has developed a particular in-depth of knowledge in twin shot multicolour and multi compent applications. Ferromatik Milacron Injection Moulding Machines are  Designed and Built to Meet Your Needs.

F- Series

F 160_diagonal

New modular injection moulding machines with a special focus on the packaging, consumer goods, and medical technology industries. Chose and build the right machine. The versatile platform philosophy of the F-Series makes it easy to combine individual modules to create a machine, to your specification. Depending on your specific requirements, (e.g. performance, energy consumption, dynamics, precision, etc.), you can choose between electric and hydraulic drives, or mix and match them for each machine axis. The modular F-Series is the latest development of Ferromatik Milacron. These machines can be specified in electric, hydraulic, or hybrid form as desired. They are distinguished by strong performance and clear design. The F-Series comes in ten different sizes from 500 to 6,500 kN clamping force as well as a multi-component, monosandwich, or cube machine. The F-Series comes with an extensive range of features offering competitive advantages to plastics manufacturers We in JHL  are happy to work in partnership with you to develop the machine to your requirement. Download Brochure

This machine is the ideal machine for packaging industry.

The Elektron Series

The ELEKTRON is an all-electric series of Milacron, launched in 2010 and available today in its second generation with a new design and the ENDURA touch controls. It is just as environmentally friendly as the ELEKTRA At Ferromatick Milacron Germany we have the capacity to offer consultations, injection moulding trials, production designs, and system solutions Download Brochure elektron