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Water Heaters


Sella offer a complete range of Oil and Water Heater control systems operating between 20 to 350 Deg-C. Sella have a proven track record of over 25years in providing completed range of solutions as either standard package or special specification. Offered in direct or indirect connection to the process, Open Tank or Pressurised Units. All units come completed with PID control as standard. All Sella units can be interfaced with the production machine control system.

Open tank temperature controllers

JHL_image_Ancillaries_WaterHeater_Sella_OpenTankTemperatureControllers_Handy_HandyXL_02Small temperature controllers with great performance and configurability. Suitable for small and medium sized moulds, for mixers and reactors, for extrusion and packing applications. Download brochure here

Sealed tank temperature controllers

JHL_image_Ancillaries_WaterHeater_Sella_SealedTankTemperatureControllers_02A complete line of products suitable for all heavy industrial applications. Developed for controlling the temperature of:
  • Moulds for plastic and rubber industry, moulds for casting
  • Lines of extrusion, calendering
  • Cylinders, mixers, reactors and many other applications.
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Custom Made

JHL_image_Ancillaries_WaterHeater_Sella_CustomMade_Bancale_02Our strength comes from the great flexibility and experience in the design and manufacture of systems for the temperature control of special processes (water up to 180°C, oil up to 320°C). Machines that are easy to use in all applications within the industrial sector where standard systems are not sufficient to guarantee performance and high level results. Download brochure here

Flow Regulator

JHL_image_Ancillaries_WaterHeater_Sella_FlowRegulator_FR_FRMicro_02The Flow Regulators are simple and robust devices used to adjust the flow rate and display the work temperature in various processes. The Flow Regulators are employed in injection moulding machines, tanks calibration, extrusion lines, and much more. Download brochure here

Grids and Magnets

JHL_image_Ancillaries_WaterHeater_Sella_GridsandMagnets_MagneticBox_02Our Magnets are developed in various sizes and are used for the separation of metallic impurities from the raw material. Download brochure here           For more information on any of our products please contact us Mob: +353 87 6599946 Email: